Sergey OlontsevI have been working with SQL Server since 2000 version as a database administrator, developer, consultant and trainer, focusing on high availability and disaster recovery solutions, ETL processes, troubleshooting, performance tuning and developing high performance solutions. I regularly speak at SQL Server user group meetings, SQLSaturday events and other conferences across Russia, Europe and USA. I am also an owner of a prestigious MCM (MCSM) certification and an MVP award on Data Platform (previously SQL Server). Right now, I am keen on other trendy open source products for Big Data and Machine Learning like Apache Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, Spark, and Kafka for building scalable systems that store and process extremely huge amounts of data. I also sometimes use Python and R for data analysis, and various services and tools available in the Cloud, both Azure and Amazon. Hence, I am excited about sharing my knowledge and results of my achievements with you.

This blog is mostly about effective usage of SQL Server for building fast OLTP and Data Warehouse systems, some tips and tricks I have found that can help you to achieve an ultimate performance and scalability. To say more, today’s challenges are not just about performance and optimized storage, but also about extracting value and knowledge from data. Therefore, here you will also find some information about Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning using various techniques, algorithms and tools. I believe that this will allow you to improve your skills significantly. Moreover, I will be very glad to receive your feedback, so feel free to leave comments and discuss the material.

Happy reading, Sergey.